Conference Room Solution

Inspire collaboration among your team, clients and partners with a comfortable, inviting and easy-to-use conference room. Combine best-in-class audio, video and room automation to create a conference room that fuels creativity and communication.

Conference Room Microphone

Conference Microphone

Encourage productive conversation for in-person meetings and video conferencing by maximizing audio quality with microphones, even in challenging spaces.

Types of Microphone

  • Gooseneck microphones
  • Omni-Directional microphones
  • Cardioid microphones
  • Wireless Microphones
Multimedia projector

Projection System

Projection systems typically consist of both a projector and a screen.

The system is an excellent solution for large spaces like conference rooms or auditoriums where a video wall or large format flat panel display may be cost-prohibitive . Multimedia Projectors are getting brighter and more cost-effective, while replacement lamps are getting less expensive or completely non-existent.

Many newer projectors today have a laser light source that offers a similar life span to a flat panel display. These laser projectors sometimes cost a bit more upfront but require essentially no maintenance costs with no lamps to purchase and replace.

Video Conference System

Video Conference System

Video Conferencing is an interactive tool that incorporate audio, video, computing and communication technologies to allow people in different locations to electronically collaborate face to face in real time and share all types of information including data, documents, sound & picture.

In essence Video Conferencing removes the barrier of distance that saparate us.

A multipurpose Video Conference System mounted at the head-end of the room captures image of all seated participants. A speech reinforcement system comprises flush-mounted table microphone located, ensuring consistent sound levels across the room

Overhead speakers facilitate the speech audio in the room, while the fromt-mounted program audio system delivers far-end conferencing as well as pc audio.


USB Plug & Play Video Conferencing Camera

Our live-streaming HD webcams are an ideal accessory for an Online Web Meeting, Online Events, and creating Streaming Videos. Choose the right video meeting conference equipment for your business meetings with us.

We have a wide range of 4K PTZ Cameras, Lecture Speaker Tracking Cameras for teachers and students as well as 4K Auto Frame cameras with the latest intelligent framing technology.

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